Disasters induced by geophysical effects
Earthquakes Tsunamis
 1957/58 : IGY-Campaign
IGY: International Geophysical Year
 Congresses of Geophysical interest
IUGG: Int.Union Geodesy Geophysics
 Geophysically relevant cruises of ships
Cruises of ship Polarstern
 Geophysicists on stamps
Eötvös, Loránd Mercalli, Guiseppe Mohorovičić, Andrija Wegener, Alfred Wiechert, Emil
 more Geophysicists on stamps

General Geophysics on Stamps - Allgemeine Geophysik auf Briefmarken - Géophysique sur les timbres

German Democratic Republic GDR
Geophysical Instrument: Gravimeter
New Zealand 2006
Geothermal area Wairakei
Nicaragua 2002
Commemorating the great Earthquake Managua 1972
Berlin 1980
Alfred Wegener: Drifting Continents

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  Definition: General Geophysics = Physics of the solid earth

the following topics of general geophysics are covered
• Geomagnetism dealing with the earths magnetic field
--- polar lights
• Geoelectrics dealing with natural or induced electric fields
• Geothermics dealing with the shallow and deep temperatures
--- geothermal energy
• Geodynamics dealing with plate tectonics
• Gravimetry/Geodesy dealing with the earths shape and deformation processes
• Petrophysics dealing with physical rock parameters
• Seismics exploring the earths shallow structures
• Seismology dealing with the earths deep structures

Additionally some special topics of general geophysics are covered
• Disasters resulting from seismic events
--- earthquakes
--- tsunamis
• Special events with geophysical relevance
--- IGY International geophysical year 1957/1958
--- Congresses
• People working on geophysical themes
--- Geophysicists
• Organizations working on geophysical themes
--- State geological surveys

Not covered are the topics
--- Geology
--- Mineralogy
--- Meteorology
--- Volcanology