Disasters induced by geophysical effects
Earthquakes Tsunamis
 1957/58 : IGY-Campaign
IGY: International Geophysical Year
 Congresses of Geophysical interest
IUGG: Int.Union Geodesy Geophysics Other Congresses & Meetings
 Geophysically relevant cruises of ships
Cruises of Ship Polarstern
 Geophysically relevant surveys in polar regions
Arctic Antarctica

General Geophysics on Stamps - Allgemeine Geophysik auf Briefmarken - Géophysique sur les timbres

German Democratic Republic GDR
Geophysical Instrument: Gravimeter
New Zealand 2006
Geothermal area Wairakei
Nicaragua 2002
Commemorating the great Earthquake Managua 1972
Berlin 1980
Alfred Wegener: Drifting Continents

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  Definition: General Geophysics = Physics of the solid earth

the following topics of general geophysics are covered
• Geomagnetism dealing with the earths magnetic field
--- polar lights
• Geoelectrics dealing with natural or induced electric fields
• Geothermics dealing with the shallow and deep temperatures
--- geothermal energy
• Geodynamics dealing with plate tectonics
• Gravimetry/Geodesy dealing with the earths shape and deformation processes
• Petrophysics dealing with physical rock parameters
• Seismics exploring the earths shallow structures
• Seismology dealing with the earths deep structures

Additionally some special topics of general geophysics are covered
• Disasters resulting from seismic events
--- earthquakes
--- tsunamis
• Special events with geophysical relevance
--- IGY International geophysical year 1957/1958
--- Congresses
• People working on geophysical themes
--- Geophysicists
• Organizations working on geophysical themes
--- State geological surveys

Not covered are the topics
--- Geology
--- Mineralogy
--- Meteorology
--- Volcanology